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After tweeting out asking if any fellow bloggers had any reviews on laser hair removal, Tria Beauty got in touch and offered to send me out their at home hair removal laser to try myself. I have been looking into Laser Hair Removal for a long time, and I know how expensive it is to go and have the treatment done so to think I could have my own laser at home was such a treat.

About laser hair removal

Lasering is an effective method of hair removal which has become increasingly popular over the last few years as technology advances. Lasers can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The laser beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles, the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and that is what destroys the hair. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time.

Tria Beauty Removal Laser 4X

The device I received is the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x. The Tria Beauty hair removal lasers can be used to treat an array of areas – including the upper-lip, chin, tummy, bikini line, under-arms, legs and toes. The laser is proven to clear up to 70% of unwanted hair after just two treatments, and by three months hair follicles will have been deactivated completely.

It is recommended you use the device every two weeks for a minimum course of three moths, this is due to the hair growth cycle. There are three stages to the hair growth cycle anagen, catagen & telegen. In simple terms,  hair follicles that are in the anagen phase have the largest amount of pigment, and can therefore absorb light from the laser easily. Hair follicles that are in catagen or telogen growth phases are less pigmented and therefore treatment is not as effective.


Step-by- step treatment instructions for the Hair Removal Laser 4X

  1. Charge the laser for at least two hours before using it or anytime the battery icon is empty
  2. Prepare the skin: Cleanse, shave and towel-dry.
  3. Press the power button on the laser and hold the base of the device to the body area you wish to treat. If the device is safe for your skin tone, the device will unlock.
  4. Select a treatment level: Customise to your comfort with 5 energy levels. Start on a low setting and work your way up.
  5. Choose an area and begin: After each pulse, lift and place the tip in an overlapping pattern.

The first and only clinically-proven cordless laser available for home use, the Hair Removal Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists to target and permanently disable the hair follicle for permanent results.

I am looking forward to trying the laser for myself and I will report back with updates at 6 and 12 weeks of treatment. If you have any questions, you can check out the FAQ page.

Have you used the Tria 4x before? I’d love to know how you got on!

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