Gelish | Current Favourites

I love Gelish as a brand, they have such beautiful colours and they provide really high performance products. My nails could last up to three weeks but I’m a serial picker and tend to have them lifted off within about 10 days. I love doing them anyway and swapping up the colour, so I don’t mind.


I bought the Starter Kit which comes with:

♥ 15ml Harmony Foundation Gel
♥ 15ml Harmony Top it Of
♥ 15 ml Harmony Cuticle Oil
♥ 15 ml Harmony Ph Bond
♥ 120 ml Harmony Cleanser
♥ 120ml Harmony Remover

The Gelish colours range in price from around £10 to £20 depending on where you buy them – I’ve purchased all my colours off Amazon as they tend to be cheaper there than if you were to order them direct from the Gelish site. These are my current favourites…

1 – Hello, Merlot! 

2 – You Glare, I Glow 

3- Brights Have More Fun 

4- My One Blue Love 

5 – Top It Off

6 – Foundation

What’s your favourite Gelish colour?





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