Fräulein 183 Palette | Review

I recently ordered the Fräulein Lidschatten 183 Palette from Amazon after seeing it featured in a tutorial on YouTube. It arrived around 3 days after ordering which was great. It was a complete impulse buy as I have 5 Urban Decay palettes and definitely didn’t need another one, but I just couldn’t resist.
The palette includes 3 trays with 168 coloured eyeshadows and 15 blushers, bronzers and highlights (all 3 in 1). The shadows have a few different finishes – matte, shimmer, satin and metallic, so there really is a colour to suit every occasion.

The case is slim and matte black, it reminds me of Sleek’s eye palette packaging. It seems pretty sturdy and you could easily travel with it.

I’ve been using the more neutral colours all this week and overall I’m pleased with them. The colours are so highly pigmented and they last all day.  The shadow pans are quite shallow but there are so many similar shades that there is loads of others to chose from if one gets low. I found the colours worked best when I used an eye primer or some kind of base before applying and a primer will always prevent any creasing as well.

Overall I think it’s a great product in terms of what you get for the price (only £12.99). The shadows don’t match up to the standard of that from MAC or Urban Decay but they do have a good go. I think the palette is perfect for experimenting with different colours you wouldn’t normally use and trying out new combinations.

Kirsty McCall

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