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It has been over a year now since my last blog post, yes I’m still alive, yes I somehow remembered my password to log in to my account, and now I’m ready to get into blogging properly. Last time we spoke – or you read – I was a 17 year old studying an ICT course in my local college, a few things have changed since then.


For a start I celebrated my 18th birthday in April (I thought turning 18 would bring a big change, turns out that ever since my birthday I have felt exactly the same as I did the days and weeks leading up to it..) I got the grades I needed to go on to university and I’m now studying Computer Science at Queens University in Belfast and I’ve moved into uni accommodation.

My home is only about 25 minutes from uni but I decided that I wanted to move out to make the most of the experience. I’m living in halls with 10 other girls chosen at random by the halls office. Luckily I got assigned the same flat as a friend I’ve known since primary school, so we were both lucky to have a familiar face on the first day moving in.
My first semester at uni is coming to a close, and I can say that although it’s not entirely what I had expected I’ve enjoyed the majority of this new crazy and challenging chapter of my life.

I’ve been thinking about getting into blogging again for quite a while, but I feel like the more I thought about it the more I seemed to put it off.

I was going to set myself a new years resolution to post at least every two weeks, but then I realised I didn’t want to make it into something I was forcing myself to do, I want to do it because I enjoy it. So I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and get the ball rolling.

If you’ve read this far I commend you! This post is all about me, and it’s most probably not very interesting either, but I didn’t just want to jump straight back in to posting without a little bit of an intro/explanation. So without making any empty promises I plan on having another post up soon! Watch this space..





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